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Following my passion...

I came across an article that made me shake my head today. It said "DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR PASSION" because often it's silly and "No one will pay for you to teach it or write about..."

I COMPLETELY DISAGREE! We must do what we love! We cannot stop what our inborn passions are, so there must be a reason for them to be there in the first place!

22 years ago, I loved SALSA DANCING and followed my passion. I was formally trained in ballet and modern dance and teaching ballroom full-time at a studio and no one offered SALSA dance classes. I went out social dancing to Salsa clubs every night that I could (sometimes 6 times/week). Many thought I was wasting too much time dancing Salsa in clubs. What good can come from that?

One day I started teaching my own Salsa class and got a pretty good response but never thought it could make me money and frankly, that was not my intention anyway. I wanted to share this passion I had because it gave me so much joy and happiness.

Then I produced an instructional Salsa video that was intended for my group class students… little did I know that it would make $1,000,000.00 in sales and award me with invitations to world travel with great pay!

If someone said “Don’t follow your passion for Salsa because no one will pay for a video on dance lessons!" or "The money is in ballroom dancing”, I never would have made the first video.

Do what you love and the creative path will follow in how it can be lucrative by filling a need in that passion.

Also, working at anything on a daily basis can get hard at times and will present natural obstacles, wouldn't you rather work at something you are passionate about?

Although many will give you advice about making sure there is money to be made before you follow your passion because they want you to take "the SAFE path", unfortunately "SAFE" is never the road to brilliant success because we never know what can come out of something that was never done before!


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