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"There are so many Salsa teachers and it can be overwhelming decided on who to take. To be honest, it’s not a hard decision because Josie is a fantastic teacher and stand out from the others.
There are so many salsa teachers but Josie is one the best that one could take.  I have been told by many that I am good dancer. I owe most of that to Josie.  Her classes helped me learn.  In addition to teaching you how to dance, she teaches you moves that you could use in the club.  As an extra benefit, she dances with her students.  
As the result of taking her classes, I not only became a better dancer. I expanded my circle of friends because I have met a lot of new friends both guys and girls.  Though I don’t go dancing to meet ladies, I have dated some beautiful ladies that I may not have met if I did not dance.  
I recommend everyone to take Josie’s classes because it will change your life. Not only will you meet people but you would get a chance to dance and hang out with Josie.  Your goal first should be to learn how to dance, but don’t surprised if you meet someone special.
In closing as a sad but positive note, my spouse passed away earlier this year.  Josie’s classes and events helped me cope through those hard times."
-Stacey Porter

"Dear Josie,
At the time I took your training program I was married to a dancer and  avid to learn a little bit more. I decided to take the training lessons from you because of your experience and your passion for the dance. Who would have known that this training  would eventually prepare me for what was about to happen in my life.  
During the training, for the first time in my life, I experienced some stretching exercises before class (none of my previous instructors did that).  I noticed you were physically fit and that  meant that you took care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising a lot. It triggered my curiosity and motivated me to immerse myself in reading books about physical wellness. I know I could have been more diligent in learning the dance moves, but it definitely sharpened the basic steps which are the foundation of Salsa dancing. Also, I was lucky to meet beautiful people like Gi and Peter. 
That was the year 2014, and I do recall that I went to your Birthday celebration on a yacht in San Pedro.  That same week my husband left me. Needless to say, my world crashed into tiny pieces and profound disappointment filled my heart. 
That awful experience made me realize that it was time to practice what I had been reading and saw Peter at a social and during our conversation, I asked if he knew about a personal trainer. He referred me to my first personal trainer and my fitness journey begun. 
Josie, you are a person with a positive attitude and that inspires the people around you to better themselves in the different aspects of their lives. The training time was a blessing to me, for it prepared the way for a better ME and for that, I am grateful to you."
-Martha Valle 

"I take private lessons with Josie and simply can't begin to describe what a great teacher she is. I travel 2.5 hours each way for my lessons, and they are well worth the trip. When I started lessons with Josie, I could dance the various routines in my salsa 1.5 class, but outside of class all I could dance on the social dance floor was a basic. Josie changed that. After only a few private lessons, I was leading moves on the social dance floor and not just in class.
I highly recommend taking privates with Josie. Not only do you learn faster, but you also learn the proper technique. That's how I was able to finally apply what I was learning in class on the social dance floor. Before taking privates, I could only dance salsa if my partner knew what the move would be in advance. Thanks to Josie's personalized attention that's no longer a problem. Josie's rates for privates are very reasonable and I'm convinced that you save both time and money by going the private lesson route.
Josie has developed a 6 point formula for teaching salsa. I have no doubt that it is the best way to approach salsa that exists. The formula gives you usable patterns that look great. No more leading multiple basics and cross body leads while trying to think of the next move. You just use Josie's formula and you get through every dance looking like a pro!"
-Eric Seigel

My wife and I had been searching for a while for some salsa videos to assist us in our dancing. We found Josie’s website and decided to try her dance class at Pasion. I cannot put into words how impressed I was with the dance lessons. She is truly a professional and really enjoys teaching. She knows salsa mens’ and ladies’ steps inside out and can spot and correct mistakes immediately. After taking several classes, we purchased a couple of her videos. After viewing them, they were so good that we purchased all of them. I highly recommend these videos for every level dancer.

-Richard and Perla, Los Angeles, California



Josie, thank you so much for the joy you brought to my life. The Latin Video Salsa DVDs are a masterpiece of artistic skills, filled with grace and beauty. They are also a stunning performance in the art of teaching Latin rhythms.  You are truly the best.
I attended, for the past years, many so-called Salsa schools and did not perform well on the dance floor.  They cannot in any way compare with your most professional teachings. No doubt about it. They lack something that ONLY you have: TALENT AND CHARM! Adios, profesora amable y excelente!

-Roger Gay, Montreal, Quebec



 "Josie’s commanding professionalism combined with infectious spontaneity and unbridled passion for dance has turned me into L.A. style convert. Her instructions were clear and astute, advice and tips invaluable, steps and moves practical and challenging. Yet, her charm and wit made it all look and feel so easy.  Josie, thank you for opening doors to the new possibilities for me.  Forever thankful."

-Damir Coklin, Melbourne, Australia



"Josie, it makes a big difference now that I got specific moves to practice, before I was just going out there not knowing what I was doing on the dance floor. Now I got something to look forward too and little by little getting better. Also the videos served as a great follow-up to keep practicing, specially since I’m from out of state and won’t get to get private lessons that often. This is definitely a must for anybody that is serious about getting good at Salsa. It will definitely add style and “cache” (finesse) to anybody’s style. You have a great personality and a lot of patience. As a professional you out to be very proud of what you’ve got. In my view you have the full package that includes personality, skills (lots of it), and most importantly ability to teach (not to mention looks!). As you know the fact that you can dance does not mean you can teach it. I feel very lucky that I chose you to be my Salsa instructor. You can definitely count on me referring people to you for videos & instructions. Thank you again."

-Roberto Diaz, S.B., Florida



"Dear Ms. Neglia; I just want to thank you for being an inspiration. I have watched your videos, and I have learned a lot from them. I appreciate your teaching style, and I am impressed with how easily I am able to learn the combinations taught in your video. This is due of course to your teaching method.
My mother has been dancing mambo/salsa for the past 25 years. I never, ever, ever liked the stuff throughout my childhood, and I didn’t see the light until I was about 17 years old. It was at this lonely time in my life that I discovered what a wonderful thing Salsa was. I started going to the only Latin club in North Carolina, with who but my own mother!! I used to joke with my Mom that Salsa was “hell”, but let me tell you, I love this inferno. You must be wondering why I am telling you this. Well, I just wanted to let you know how much I am in agreement with you. Salsa is truly a moving experience, it opens up doors of opportunity, and helps to pry open closed minds.
P.S. My Mom went to the Congreso de Salsa in Puerto Rico. She saw you perform, and she was so completely in awe that she had no words for it. She said she had to pick her jaw up off the floor because of your performance. I hope one day I can make jaws drop too!!"

-Camille Cholerton, Raleigh, North Carolina


 "I attended Josie’s Salsa and Bachata class last night for the first time and it was definitely worth it. There was a lot of people there and the set up was very fun, young and hip but mature and professional. She really knows how to teach but at the same time entertain and keep the energy up and going. She looked phenomenal in person. She wore a nice tight black dress and some high heels and absolutely owned it while teaching us the dance moves.
I was very impressed by her and the enrapturing environment. I actually can’t wait to come back. She is full of spice, sensuality, femininity and soul and that is the perfect foundation for a Master Salsa and Bachata Teacher. The whole time, I was consumed with the her and the class and not any of my problems or what I was going to do afterwards. I can’t believe the spice and excitement was right under my nose, here in Long Beach. Goooooo Josie!!!!!"

-Nisha Tehera, Long Beach, California



"Latin dancing could be really challenging if you keep repeating the same small mistake over and over.  This is why I’m so grateful to have taken Josie’s group and private lessons. Her private lessons where super helpful, and really helped me take my dancing to the next level! It’s really important to fine tune and make sure you get it right. Josie’s teaching will help you find those small things and make those adjustments that make the difference. Her expertise and passion for Latin dance will motivate you and help you develop the confidence you need, if it’s styling or technique—she’ll guide you through it all. All this and perhaps her greatest skills is doing it all while having fun and creating a climate of appreciation of the art of Latin dance! I’m one of those people who like’s learning from the best—Josie’s the gold standard!! Her group lessons are good, but really her private lessons are really awesome. Try them and you’ll know exactly what I mean. I’m really grateful to have learned from someone at the top of her game!

Best Regards, Gil, teacher and Long Beach native."
-Gil Puga, Jr, Long Beach, CA

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