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Josie Neglia

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Josie Neglia

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"DANCE has always been the most exciting and fulfilling aspect of my life, and has allowed me to experience: positive energy, passion, great challenges, competitive experiences, sensuality, self-expression, ecstasy, memorable travels, and a healthy & fit lifestyle.


I would love to share this experience with others and offer others the opportunity to feel and be part of the amazing world of dance."
Josie Neglia
Owner of



Born in Toronto, Canada, Josie Neglia grew up amongst many Italian friends as a middle child of Sicilian parents.  From a very young age, she studied ballet and jazz and later entered University as a dance major where she had four years of extensive daily training in ballet and modern dance. 


Josie graduated from York University, Toronto with a Bachelors degree and entered the ballroom/Latin field as a teacher for a private studio where she trained daily and began teaching and competing as a professional in International Latin dance.


Entering a Toronto Latin club, for the first time in 1990, Josie fell in love with Salsa.  In 1994, she relocated to Los Angeles and single-handedly became a pioneer of the salsa video industry.




Due to her strong professional presence on the web and through popular  instructional video series, Josie became one of the most sought-after instructors and performers worldwide.  Invited to teach and perform in over 50 cities in 19 countries, Josie is known for her easy-to-learn teaching methods and spectacular performance ability.


Being honored with an invitation to teach at the very first World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico in 1997 (an honor being the only instructor from Los Angeles invited), and the first Salsa Festival in Japan in 1998, Josie quickly made a name for herself and is currently asked to do workshops in various cities across the Globe. Josie Neglia was also a feature dancer in the movie "DANCE WITH ME" with Vanessa Williams & Chayanne.


Josie's dynamic personality and passion for Latin dance has earned her many awards and prestigious invitations to judge and teach at various international Latin dance conventions. Miss Neglia's motto is to share the ecstasy of Latin dance, one step at a time!



of Josie Neglia and 

We are not just about teaching you steps to counts so that you can move in perfect unison with another partner on the dance floor - although we do that very well - LatinDance is more than that!  At our core, we believe that people with PASSION can change the world for the better!  That’s what we believe. 

We have worked with clients like you who have, in small ways and huge ways, brought happiness to this world through dance and changed the world for the better.


This world is a completely different place than it was a decade ago.  It's a complicated, noisy and often a messy place.

When my videos sold around the world in the early 2000's and I travelled across the globe teaching and performing Salsa, we were a different company back then.  Believe me, my teaching method, my clarity and my strategy of getting students to master Salsa has evolved to a completely different level. However, our core values remain the same: We are very moved by those dancers who’s lives have been transformed and who transformed others through dance. 

Our products honor those dancers; some living, some not, because in every dance, as our smiles light up our face, and we close our eyes to feel the passion of that moment, we are collectively feeling the passion of Latin dance within our hearts. 

​Passion for Dance Moves Us; it is the Ecstasy of Life!


LatinDance honors the people with Passion that bring ecstasy to life, if only for short moments dancing in each other’s arms.

That is the soul of this company. 


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