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After a Crazy 2020, We are Finally Starting Dance Again!

After more than a year of lockdowns, stress, anxiety and very little dancing, we are finally coming back to Latin Dance!!

Woo Hoo!

As I am sure it has been a crazy and completely overwhelmingly new realism and possibly filled with strange experiences this past 2020, I hope you are doing well and we look forward to seeing you again.

Many positive changes have happened to us in this past year as well. Johann proposed to me on Oct. 12, 2020, and we are getting married in September! My daughter Mia graduated from high school with honors and has been accepted into UC Santa Barbara!

To get back to dancing, we are starting with our popular Cocktail Party/Workshop in our backyard Sunday September 26th and our weekly classes will commence one week later in October. See our NEWS/EVENTS HERE


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