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What you will learn at a Beginner's Workshop

THINGS YOU WILL LEARN AS A BEGINNER SALSA STUDENT: 1. Learn how to be an active Student while taking class. What instruction to listen for, look for, and how to digest the choreography given to you. 2. Learn body awareness, through simple exercises. 3. How to look more natural while dancing. 4. Begin to understand how to count music and what to listen for while you dance. 5. Get the basics down, and build from there, until you are actually getting sequences of steps down! This class will go at a smooth, comfy pace. Our mantra "No one left behind!" 6. Learn how to dance in relation to space and others. Where you stand effects your perspective and therefore your learning ability. 7. Take it to the nightclub floor! Learn how to put your dance in motion with Josie's 6-Point Salsa Formula. 8. How to understand a combination, and the best way to approach a sequence of steps 9. How to feel and act the part so that you can perform with confidence! 10. Experience this amazing program in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.

You will become a member of our LatinDance family! ...and much much more!

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