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Josie's Dance Tip of the Week

Josie's Dance Tip of the Week...


Learning dance is like any other new skill, you must PRACTICE to be great.

From you very first class, you should practice the basic step until it becomes part of your muscle memory.

I was very impressed with the Korean Salsa students when I went to teach and perform there in 2001. At the night club before I performed, I was sitting at the bar and I remember seeing a big group of people all cluster to one side of the club facing one wall as though they were following a teacher. They were all one by one, without any partners, without talking, doing the basic step (not one turn, not one variation- just the basic) as though they were in a classroom.

I did not see an instructor in front so I asked a Korean on-looker what was happening. She told me that all the Korean Salsa instructors advise the beginner students to practice the Basic step for a minimum of 3 hours a day for three months to really get the basics and the rhythm in their bodies. Their mentality was that since Latin music and dance was not part of their upbringing and culture, they must put in many many hours to understand the rhythm and movement in order to perfect the dance.

I was impressed and realized why I found the Koreans to be some of the strongest Salsa dancers in the Asian countries that I have seen thus far. I think this is great advice to any dancer.

Beginners should practice their basics well before trying all the advanced moves, and the intermediate and advanced dancers should work on great footwork (turn out and pointing), leg action, and turning techniques to improve their overall performance. *If you have a questions about your dancing, please email me at:

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