TUESDAYS Salsa & Bachata Level 2

Level 2 Salsa & Bachata (Must have some knowledge of fundamentals to join this class)

Partner not required (we rotate partners in the class)

Complimentary Wine and Water served in class

2-Hour Group Class:

7:30-8:30 PM--Salsa

8:30-9:30 PM--Bachata

@Josie's Private Studio in Long Beach (address given upon registration)


4 Weeks to build on two routines for Salsa & Bachata

Wine Served. Free parking. Air-conditioned studio

NEW STUDIO LOCATION: call to get Josie's Private studio address 310-869-8313


In Salsa You will Learn: Fundamentals in Salsa • Josie' 6-Point Salsa Formula™ • Frame for Leading and Following • Cool Partner Patterns & Masculine and Feminine Shines


In Bachata You will Learn: Fundamentals of Bachata: • Learn Sexy Bachata body movement • Learn sensual patterns with partners • Learn Turns & Rotations • Learn Footwork for Bachata Shines & Alternative rhythms • Learn different Bachata rhythms • Learns leads and follows of many cool Bachata styles • Learn body rolls & booty rolls

TUESDAYS Salsa & Bachata Level 2



    Salsa Formula™


    Hi There Dear Salsa Lovers,

    Due to Covid-19, we have been

    unable to meet you personally

    and Johann and I miss you


    We love you and during this

    tough time we would hope to

    continue offering our service

    to you, online, through a

    magnificent course that I filmed



    This 6-Week ONLINE COURSE

    is your complete guide to

    dancing Salsa.


    From the foundation to being

    a STAR on the dance floor,

    we will take you step-by-step

    (literally), to fully understand

    this Hot dance & help you

    develop into a great social

    Salsa dancer. 


    Easy-to-Learn format, even if

    you have never danced with

    us before!


    Instead of our $89/month fee-

    you will GET AN ENTIRE YEAR

    FOR ONLY $47.


    We look forward to dancing

    with you virtually and offering

    a little dance closeness and

    stress-relief in this strange

    social-distancing time.


    Josie Neglia 


    Stay safe & healthy!




    Josie Neglia & Johann Z.


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